Fighting global warming safely

The MiReCOL project is funded by the European
Community's Seventh Framework Programme (ENERGY.2013.5.2.1) under grant agreement
n° 608608. The project partners acknowledge the
following funding partners for their contributions:
Statoil Petroleum AS, Shell, and ENGIE

Safety, reliability and controllability are essential elements influencing the licensing of CO2 storage and public perception. Therefore a thorough analysis of leakage mechanisms and threats to the safety and security of storage will be the main activity in the MiReCOL project. This will form the basis for an analysis of mitigation and remediation options. Both existing (state-of-the-art) and new remediation and mitigation techniques will be investigated, including laboratory tests of sealant materials and field demonstrations at the sites of Ketzin (Germany) and Bečej (Serbia).

The approach in MiReCOL is strictly risk based, which ensures that the results of the project can feed into the regulatory process (protocols, safety regulations, guidelines). This means that the impact of each remediation and mitigation measure is assessed on all relevant risk levels. The results will be published both as handbook and as an interactive web-based tool, to inform both storage project operators and competent authorities on the options available for remediation and mitigation. This tool can be located at The inclusion of industrial partners active in CO2 storage ensures the operational experience to assess the efficiency and impact of each measure.

Ensuring safe, reliable, and controllable CO2 storage